eighty degrees issue 2 takes us on a journey to Japan — a country that has been dutifully guarding and perfecting its tea culture for generations, while letting in fresh ideas of what tea could become.

We will venture into matcha’s “hometown” Uji to sit down with an 11th-generation master and maker of this precious powder.

We will explore wabi sabi — a philosophy that helps us stay grounded in an age where distractions keep us from self-discovery.

We will witness the destruction of rooibos crops as the climate emergency wreck havoc on the plains of South Africa.

We will talk about tea in Brazil — a country whose DNA is steeped in coffee, but whose culture is constantly being redefined.

We will step in the shoes of an orchestra conductor to deliver the perfect gong fu brew.

All this and much more on 144 pages of beautiful, uncoated paper.

Our thanks goes to all the talented contributors who helped us put this issue together:

Simona Zavadckyte, Todd Pavel, Don Mei, Bruce Seiichi Hamana, Beth Kempton, Henrietta Lovell, André Alves, Laura Wheatley, Filipa Lindmark, Viviane Mazin, Maria João Arnaud, Victoria Fernandez, Bruno Algarve, Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul, Andres Acero