eighty degrees - issue 1

eighty degrees issue 1

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It is time we talked about tea - properly! We have created this issue to help you explore the basics and the origins of tea.

Tea has been an indispensable part of many cultures and represents so much more than many realise. We have spoken with farmers, producers, retailers, specialists and artists to get their point of view on the most popular drink in the world.

In this first issue, we will cover topics including the biggest tea producing country, visit a farmer of one of the most famous teas in China — Dragon Well, talk about a fight for the preservation of historic teas, discuss a new book about tea by an award-winning photography master, learn about the beginnings of a revolutionary tea brand that took Australia (and the world!) by storm, and many more!

All this on 144 pages of beautiful, uncoated paper with no ads.

Our thanks goes to all the talented contributors who helped us put this issue together:

Will Battle, Todd Pavel, Rie Tulali, David Duckler, Emily Beech, Barbora Melegova & Michal Meleg, Filipa Lindmark, Cheng Hao-Yun, Michael Freeman, Victoria Fernandez, Xiao Yao, Liu Xuan (Coomi), Maria Joao Arnaud, Wanning Wei, Jin Hong, Viviane Mazin, Joe Librandi-Cowan